Restoring Macbook Pro

My 2012 Mac laptop was purchased because I wanted to try something different than Windows, and Macs had the reputation to "just work." I overloaded the hard drive, and didn't maintain the system, causing performance to fall off a cliff. Eventually the laptop came to a screeching halt and was barely usable. I put the laptop into a box during a move and kept it hidden until I started to learn about technology. To knock the rust off and expand my experience with a Mac, I decided to restore the computer. I quickly found that it was too old to update to a current form of MacOS and Apple was no longer issuing security updates. Scanning Finder I discovered pictures of my first car and motorcycle as well as 730 files my wife wanted to keep. After pulling the files to safety, I decided to turn the laptop into a Kali Linux machine to do penetration testing on my home network as I learn. I am currently searching for a driver to bring the NIC online. This project is on hold until I learn more about penetration testing as my introduction made things look easy.