I am a nerd. A badge I have learned to wear proudly when confronted with something new I want to learn. If something piques my interest, I want to absorb as much information as I can. How does it work? Why does it work? These are the questions that fuel my life. For many years, I have been okay with computers just being lightning trapped in plastic that we taught to think; it was okay for it to be something that just works. Then I was asked a few too many questions about why something was working “incorrectly” and my interest was raised. I started digging into why computers do what they do and how they process data. The more information I found, the more I discovered that interested me. One of the recurring themes I saw was “There is always more to learn.” That is intimidating for some, but inherently exciting for me. This is something I can always dig into, always learn more about, and always be applying what I learn. The more coursework and content I experience, the more projects I want to implement.