Repurposing Windows Laptop

For a previous position, I had purchased a laptop, mostly for presentations and running numbers in front of clients. Unfortunately, I uninstalled the anti-virus protection when I purchased the machine. Quickly the laptop stopped working correctly, trapping several important documents and precious family photographs on the laptop. I had assumed these files were unrecoverable. But when I started working on my CompTIA A+ certification, I gained some knowledge and tools that could help! I dusted off the laptop and got to work installing anti-virus and cleaning everything I could. I gained access to my files and was able to save them to a USB drive! I didn't trust that all the malware was removed, so I segregated a laptop that was running Ubuntu from my network. After downloading a second anti-virus program, I cleaned the USB finding additional malware that had been lurking in the shadows. Feeling confident that everything harmful was found, I pushed the files to my primary laptop, then backed them up to my desktop and eventually to my server.

(Laptop is currently serving as my RHEL Server.)